So, currently I am listed as admin on fandom_wank, otf_wank, clairvoyantwank, and fandom_lounge (oops on that last one).

These communities previously said they had open membership, but didn't. When you tried to join, it told you you needed to have your membership approved by the administrator, but there was no administrator. I've switched all of the communities to actually be open membership (I think), BUT:

I don't see any join requests that were submitted while the community didn't have open membership, and I cannot approve any.

for fandom_wank, otf_wank, and clairvoyantwank: please remind me whether the moderator email was mods@thefannish .net? .com? .org? and I can change it (when I was added as an administrator, it apparently set to my email, and I need to enter my password to change it; ETA: used wayback to get comm info and now know this; will change email when member list is working). Also, if snacky, sep, sorchar, phosfate, et al would please join the communities now that this is possible, I can set you up as admin+moderator. (ETA: I am concerned this might not work because the communities are behaving strangely. Still, it's worth a try.)

f_l isn't my community, but if the f_l mods can go ahead and join the fandom_lounge, then I'm happy to set you up as administrators and remove myself [as above, I need to know what the community email should be, since I appear to have it as mine at the moment].

ETA: Please tell me if you are still not able to join these communities. The community member list is acting very strangely.


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