white_serpent: (Naga)Avocado ([personal profile] white_serpent) wrote,
@ 2015-05-15 03:36 pm UTC
My three-year old loves Skylanders. This is my husband's fault; he collects things, and was fascinated by the collect-them-all nature of Skylanders.

On the upside, it's the only way we've made any progress on potty training: 3yo can buy more Skylanders from the "Skylander store" (a shelf in the closet) by earning stars.

He plays with the Skylanders, too. Chill introduces herself to Trap Shadow and Crusher, and then all of the Skylanders talk to the Thomas trains about standard- and narrow-gauge tracks. Then everyone acts out "Hero of the Rails."

I need to track down "Scratch" to add to the Skylander store. He thinks she's really, really cool looking, but she seems to be difficult to find for any sort of reasonable price.

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