i don't like snow on a good day. i like snow even less when it shows up in places where it shouldn't. you know - like Texas.

this week has been a giant shitshow mess of i can't even. super cold, fine whatever. power going out when it's cold? omfg. power staying off while it's cold? pls stop. add to that 'oh yeah, no running water' - ugh.

i have power (thus heat and internets), so i'm doing okay. not great, but okay. i do not have running water - which sucks. i have drinking water... for now. if i don't get water in a few days, that could get dicey... well, more inconvenient than anything else. i do have access to some water - it will need to be boiled and probably filtered to be fit for drinking, but it's there.

and this is before we get into the utter failboat that is the elected persons of this state. i'm not gonna get started b/c i'll just get pissed off and i don't need that headache. but the short version: everyone sucks here (on the politician side). except Beto - who is doing all the things that the other guys SHOULD be doing. anyway - whatever.... i didn't vote for the morons - i voted for the other guys, but gerrymandering and voter suppression, ahoy.

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