i... don't remember the last time i listed all my [community profile] fan_flashworks stuff, so i'll just leave a link to my tag there... i've posted a bunch, b/c i'm on a streak and nearing 5 yrs, i think? (it's either 4 or 5) some of those posted under the wire. /o\

hmmm - [community profile] holiday_wishes is up again this year. my post is here.

i've been playing a metric fucktonne of The Sims 4... mostly dicking around to see how long i can keep this family going - i'm 16 generations in. i'm also working on putting them through all the careers in the game to get all the career rewards. b/c i got the weird idea to make a 'career reward' museum. i've discovered that some of the careers get really shit rewards tho (gardening - both branches, for instance).

i'm looking for two recommendations:

1) good computer chairs - need high back and headrest. i think gaming chairs are probably best here? but if anyone has any suggestions (in the less than $200US range), would be much appreciated

2) notebooks or journals of the type good for bullet journaling - caveats: has to lay flat when open; have paper thick enough for fountain pen ink not to bleed through; had some form of guidelines (dots are okay, lines are better for me visually)

what's everyone else up to?

it won't be 6 most before i post again this time as long as [community profile] snowflake_challenge happens in january. Mirrored from the original entry at Dreamwidth. Reply there using your own Dreamwidth account or OpenID!
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