DNW: A/B/O; age play; bestiality; pet/pony play; underage; AUs not mentioned in the 'wants'; non-con not mentioned in the 'wants'; pregnancy/mpreg; non-canonical pet names or terms of endearment; genderswap; incest; kid-fic; weddings; non-canonical infidelity/cheating (if it's OOC for the character, then please no); weddings; overly fluffy; character death; daddy/mommy kink; kink-shaming; these particular kinks: scat, vomit, gore, vore, feminization

AU dislikes: coffee shop, high school/college, de-aging, no-powers, historical - in addition to others mentioned in DNW.

My general likes: backstory and clever interpretations for how relationships (of all varieties) come about, AUs that work with canon (containing canon elements, left-turns from canon or pre-canon points), angst is okay in moderation; BDSM and smut are both faves; some fluff is okay; I can roll with h/c as well

AU likes: fix-its, fork-in-the-road decision changes, alterations of existing canon, missing scenes, etc.

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