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honestly? fanart of any of my fandoms - MCU, Dresden, Suits, Highlander - that's just for me. doesn't even have to be from any of my fic (though that'd be fine too). i can't draw - i can copy and follow directions, but i can't just picture a thing in my head and then make it appear as art. (stick doods, i got u, but anything w/ dimension? lol no)

fic, art, what-have-you for any varied combination of Harry & Carlos (Dresden Files) - friendy stuff, smutty stuff, riding on a dinosaur stuff - whatever.

if anyone knows where i can get a copy of Rock Band 3 for xbox 360 for a non-stupid price (like $20 USD or less), that'd be fab (my copy is jacked up from an unfortunate console-falling-over incident).

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