In your own space, brag about yourself. Tell us what things you've done that you're proud of; the things that make you the wonderful person you are.

* i can tell you the plot of any original MacGyver episode from the ep-title (there are 1 or 2 that trip me up, but i got the rest). kind of a useless skill, but who knows, maybe i'll win a trivia contest b/c of it one day.

* does watching the whole of the MCU (minus the Hulk) more times than is probably healthy count? i've watched through it in so many permutations - release date order, chronological order (this one gives the IW/EG 1-2 and it can be a little rough, but story-wise is makes way more sense than with Capt Marvel between them), reverse order, only the ones with Iron Man in them, only the ones with Spidey, watching to look for some rando thing about Bucky, skipping around via RNG selection - whatever. dood, when you work from home, you make your own fun for the background noise - and since i know all the plots, i can have it playing on the tv behind me and they're not distracting, except when the super cool parts are coming up - like watching Tony slam his stupid ass into the wall the first time he tries out his rocket boots (repulsor boots? whatever).

* i am fucking EXCELLENT at sliding in at the last-last second for [community profile] fan_flashworks challenges. nearly every damned time i'm sliding in Indiana Jones rolling under the big stone door and snagging his hat style. i have legit posted 17 word fics (usually Harvey-Mike banter from Suits) to get my post in. b/c sometimes those ideas you thought you had just run away.

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