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Name:Fandom Wank
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Contact us at: mods @

~*~*~in loving memory of Sepiamagpie and Snacky, who passed from this world December 6, 2006~*~*~

Spelling Shit Out

1. Do not link to or share content belonging to a minor. This goes for LiveJournal posts and comments (whether in their personal journals, someone else's, or communities), posts or comments from any other blogging or journaling service, forum posts, fanfic, their personal websites, *anything*. Minors -- defined as anyone under the age of 18 -- are not allowed on Journalfen, per the TOS. If it isn't blindingly obvious they're minors from their userinfos or something, and you post it anyway, don't be surprised if you are asked to delete the post if/when it's revealed they're underage. If you know they're minors and they're involved with the material you're linking in any way, don't post it. It doesn't matter if you're not mocking them or if you think they were right, or even if you think they deserve to be mocked. IF THEY'RE MINORS, DON'T LINK AND/OR SHARE THE CONTENT. Do not try to get around this on a technicality. We'd like to assume you're all reasonably intelligent adults. If they state in the post that they are underage or have it clearly marked in their userinfo or otherwise make it self-evident ( i.e. "I wuz smoking in the boyzlockerroom during 9th grade PE yesterday when suddenly I totally wanked") then they are off-limits. Period. No exceptions. No grey areas.

There are a thousand other wanks waiting to be reported. Go find one that doesn't involve minors, and stop trying to find loopholes.

2. Do not troll people who show up on FW. We are here to laugh at them, not fight with them. This means that, while you may or may not choose to comment to them, we expect you to behave. In general, unless you were there before the item got wanked, or happen to already be a member of/friended with the location of the wank, stay out of it. And even if either of those are the case, don't come bragging to us about it -- we're here to mock, not get involved. See also this post.

3. Do not link the subject of the wank to FW. This is part of our "what they don't know won't hurt them" policy. If someone has been wanked, it is simply not cricket to draw their attention to it.

4. Do not troll or flood FW itself. Trolling does not mean the person in the wank showing up and arguing with you. Trolling means spamming other entries with totally unrelated topics, flooding any entry with dozens or hundreds of comments with no content or the same, repeated content, or generally being obnoxious deliberately.

5.1 Do NOT use non-work safe icons. This rule only applies to here. The other comms and your own journal are perfectly fine. NWS is defined by exposed genitalia and overtly sexual situations. Text will be ignored unless it is just a giant 'FUCK' or 'JUICY COCK' in big fonts. Or anything close to that. Little text is fine. Do not argue with us on this one, it will result in a warning. If you're still not sure what constitutes NWS, check out this thread, which is chock full of examples and polite clarifications from your beloved mods.

5.2 If you're going to post giant graphics (or as some of you kids seem to insist on calling them 'macros'), don't be surprised when a surly mod (usually [personal profile] apoplexia) screens/deletes them. They're tiresome and cruel to those poor slobs on dial-up.

6. Do not link to locked material. This one's hard to enforce (and a journal-related rule), since we're not here to be your nannies or police the internet to make sure the material started out unlocked. Or, you know, even really care. But it rarely ends well and can be kinda skeevy. And in a lot of cases, such as locked communities it's just a pain for the other users. So try and make your wank start out available to the general public. If it's a community and freely joinable, then it's technically okay to link (but rude to lazy f_w members.) Communities or forae with moderated membership, however, are a no-no. In other words, the general rule is don't cut-n-paste from anything that requires the approval of someone else (private journal owner, moderator, et cetera) to join.

If it gets locked after being wanked, it's okay. Post text, screencaps, whatever. But if it starts out locked and inaccessible and stays locked, that's a big fucking no. Okay? Okay.

And from our beloved System (you know, the site owners?): Friends-locked posts are never, ever to be reposted elsewhere. I don't care how big the friends list is. Getting caught reposting or redistributing locked posts will be grounds for suspension.

7. Do not delete a post you have made unless asked to by a moderator. Or unless it's in violation of one of the above rules (involves underaged wankers, reposts locked material, etc.), though in those cases, it is more acceptable to edit the post to remove the offending content than to delete the whole thing. Deleting for reasons of butthurt, mockery, or accidental finger slippage will get your ass banned so fast.

8. "Please don't be an idiot. Thank you." -advice from Frank Pembleton.

We'll remind you about the first one (hey, it's easy to miss). The second one gets a reminder if we're feeling generous and a bitchy comment if we're not. Rules 3-7 will get you a warning (maybe) and then a ban. Rule 8 is handy advice, but we'll use it to ban your ass if we're in the mood. As always, we reserve the right to use our own judgment. If you're unhappy with that judgment, you're more than welcome to email one of us and talk it over. You may even convince us. Stranger things have happened.

We expect you to exercise common sense. Why don't we want you linking to journals of minors? Because they aren't allowed on our servers. Ergo, we don't want you linking to their websites, either. Obviously. We tell you our reasons for the rules so that you'll be able to extrapolate when you've stumbled across something not specifically forbidden but not a good idea anyway. If you're in doubt, ask.

We can't cover every contingency, but a good rule of thumb? if what you're doing here is what gets most people wanked if they do it elsewhere, prepare to suck it up and deal with people calling you a wanker. Capisce?

Affiliated Communities

[community profile] fw_debate - if you want to be involved or informed when the moderators do anything, join this community. More information can be found here.
[community profile] wank_report - for mousies wanting to report wank in hopes that someone will post it to fandom_wank or affiliated communities.
[community profile] otf_wank - for nonsense not having anything to do with fandom. Childfree? Here. Adultfree? Here. All the stuff you desperately want to put on fandom_wank but doesn't involve fandom per se goes in this community.
[community profile] clairvoyantwank - for those times you want to be omgawshpopular with your peers by posting a wank, but find yourself having to start with "Not really a wank yet..." Post it here and save yourself the mockery.
[community profile] i_wank - for when you just couldn't help yourself.
*NEW* [community profile] unfunny_fandom - Unfunny Fandom business. If it's rl issues mixed with fandom in a way that's just not that funny, it goes here.
[community profile] political_wank - figure it out.
[community profile] dl_anon - for the Domlijah tinhats.
[community profile] fandom_lounge - for when you don't really feel like wanking after all.
[community profile] fandom_rant - for when you actually do sorta feel like wanking.
[community profile] fw_fairytales - for those silly little stories which occasionally crop up here.
[community profile] fwank_icons - because it's not a wank if it doesn't have icons.
[community profile] fwgreatesthits - if you really must know who VB is.
[community profile] gaia_wank - for wank related to that wacky anime-style online pseudoRPG.
[community profile] jurisimprudence - from Godwin's Law to Snacky's... and beyond.
[community profile] wankitywank - "Metawank! Wank about wank! And other wanky things" [/omgplygrrrreyezing]
[community profile] fw_offline - for offline wank.
[community profile] fw_stuff - for when you really have to have a t-shirt pastede on yey.
[community profile] fw_meetup - for those rare occasions when you leave your parents basement and, not being able to relate to normal human beings, seek out the company of other wankers
[community profile] hp_cornfield - For harmony and dan/emma wank because we exiled it.

Helpful community guidelines by [staff profile] hugsnkisses

If you're an anonymouse who's too cheap to shell out a measly $15 for a paid account, why not head on over to [community profile] anon_no_more and see if a nice paid account holder will take pity on you, and provide you with your very own account out of the goodness of their heart in exchange for sexual favors.

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