Wochit sets the stage for this wank by professionals in The Force Awakens Receives Late Nomination For Critics' Choice Award For Best Picture.
After an unprecedented vote by members, the Broadcast Film Critics Association had added Star Wars: The Force Awakens to the list of nominees for the 2015 Critics' Choice Award for Best Picture. When Critic's Choice Awards nominations came out last Monday, most of the critics in the association had not seen the latest Star Wars movie, since Disney had refused to release copies for early screenings. However, the strong positive reaction to the film led the BFCA to take a vote on whether it should be allowed in as a late inclusion, and apparently the BFCA voted in the Force Awakens' favor.
The film was absent from the Golden Globes nomination list as well because advance screenings for critics weren't available in time for the nomination deadline. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, who run the "drinky Oscars" didn't accomodate the film, but the Critics' Choice Awards did. Considering that the American Film Institute honored "The Force Awakens" as one of its top ten films of the year and this decision follows the precedent of adding 'Castaway' to the list in 2000, the BFCA probably made the right call.

Not all members of the BFCA agreed as Collider reported in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Critics’ Choice Awards Nomination Sparks Outcry. )
I don't know how many wankers follow Steven Universe, darling of the Tumblr fandom set who can't seem to agree on anything except praising for featuring unconventional relationships and varied female bodies as attractive. Outside of that, the shipping and fanon wanks are quickly starting to rival HP and Avatar in wankiness.

In the most recent story arc antagonist Peridot is now working with the protagonists to prevent the destruction of the earth and is in the midst of a possible redemption arc for the character.  Along with some other recent revelation about the character and her development people have started shipping Steven and Peridot together(cute fluff with current canon child Steven and aging Steven up for nsfw stuff)

This has angered a great number of Tumblr Social Justice Warriors claiming the ship is pedophilia  and the ship tag Stevidot actually contains more hatred of the ship than the actual ship https://www.tumblr.com/search/stevidot

This is the post that actually brought the wank to my attention.

Currently I'm sitting back and laughing because the entire wank seems to boil down to "Your interpretation of this character is WRONG!!! MY interpretation of the character is RIGHT!!!!11!!! AND your ship is SICK and GROSS! And that makes YOU SICK and GROSS(and possibly a pedophile)