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Name:Ghoulish Observers
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Broken up over a death in your fandom-- or the death of your fandom?

Welcome to [community profile] deathwatch, the community where you can post the latest fandom deaths. Mourning for your favorite television shows (or comic book or movie series) cut down in their prime is also welcome.


1. Fandom-related deaths only, please. Please note: politics is not a fandom.

2. Indicate who (or what) died in your subject line. This makes it easier to maintain the community memories.*

3. Tell us when.

4. Link to some proof.**

5. No dancing on the graves of people. (Dancing on the graves of shows, however, is perfectly acceptable.)

6. Put long posts behind cuts.

*[personal profile] white_serpent will absolutely get back to doing these eventually. Probably.
**Random speculation on anonymous memes is not proof.
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