April 2019
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12:00 am[personal profile] darksumomo

June Harding Dies: ‘The Trouble With Angels’ Actress Was 81

08:41 am[personal profile] darksumomo

RIP, Google Plus: People memorialize failed social network on Twitter

11:04 pm[personal profile] darksumomo

Vonda N. McIntyre, 1948-2019

07:47 pm[personal profile] darksumomo

Nipsey Hussle gunned down in a South L.A. he helped build up. ‘It’s a sad day in L.A.’


06:46 pm[personal profile] darksumomo

Agnes Varda, Leading Light of French New Wave, Dies at 90

10:16 am[personal profile] darksumomo

The Beat singer Ranking Roger dies aged 56


05:34 am[personal profile] darksumomo

Hal Blaine, prolific ‘Wrecking Crew’ drummer who worked with Frank Sinatra and Elvis, dies at 90


09:09 pm[personal profile] darksumomo

R&B singer Andre Williams has died at age 82


08:51 pm[personal profile] darksumomo

Tania Mallet, Bond Girl in 'Goldfinger,' Dies at 77


08:19 pm[personal profile] darksumomo

Nadja Regin, 'James Bond' actress, dies at 87


08:36 pm[personal profile] darksumomo

W.S. Merwin, Poet of Life’s Damnable Evanescence, Dies at 91


09:31 am[personal profile] darksumomo

Scott Walker, experimental pop singer with the Walker Brothers, dies at 76


12:15 am[personal profile] darksumomo

Barry Malkin Dies: Oscar-Nominated Editor & Longtime Coppola Collaborator Was 80


12:45 am[personal profile] darksumomo

Roberta Haynes Dies: ‘Return To Paradise’, ‘The Nebraskan’ Actress Was 91

08:50 am[personal profile] darksumomo

Seymour Cassel Dies: Oscar-Nominated Actor In John Cassavetes & Wes Anderson Pics Was 84


12:35 pm[personal profile] darksumomo

Georgia Engel Dies: 5-Time Emmy Nominee For ‘Mary Tyler Moore Show’ & ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ Was

05:47 pm[personal profile] darksumomo

Monkey Punch, Manga Artist And Creator Of ‘Lupin III,’ Dead At 81

06:06 pm[personal profile] darksumomo

'Arrow' will end after Season 8

10:14 pm[personal profile] darksumomo

Bradley Welsh Dies: ‘Trainspotting 2’ Actor & Ex-Boxing Champ Shot Dead At 42


10:18 am[personal profile] darksumomo

British Actor Mya-Lecia Naylor, Star Of ‘Cloud Atlas’ & CBBC’s ‘Millie Inbetween’, Dies Aged 16

12:00 am[personal profile] darksumomo

Lorraine Warren Dies: Paranormal Investigator & Subject Of ‘The Conjuring’ Films Was 92

03:26 pm[personal profile] darksumomo

Terry Rawlings, BAFTA-Nominated Film Editor Of ‘Alien’ And ‘Blade Runner’, Dies

12:11 pm[personal profile] darksumomo

Ken Kercheval Dies: ‘Dallas’ Actor Was 83

12:29 pm[personal profile] darksumomo

‘Santa Clarita Diet’ Canceled By Netflix After 3 Seasons

10:16 am[personal profile] darksumomo

Mark Medoff Dies: Oscar-Nominated ‘Children Of A Lesser God’ Writer Was 79

10:48 am[personal profile] darksumomo

Stefanie Sherk Dies: Canadian Actress, Model, Wife Of Actor Demian Bichir Was 37




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