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Deadline Hollywood, reported January 30, 2019: Dick Miller Dies: ‘Bucket Of Blood’ Star Who Worked Regularly With Roger Corman & Joe Dante Was 90.
Dick Miller, a character actor who starred in Roger Corman’s A Bucket of Blood and whose six-decade career included all of Joe Dante’s movies, died today in Toluca Lake, CA. He was 90.
Deadline Hollywood, reported January 25, 2019: Meshulam Riklis Dies: Pia Zadora Husband, Billionaire Involved In Golden Globes Scandal Was 95.
Meshulam Riklis, a billionaire businessman best known as the husband of actress Pia Zadora and the fulcrum of a Golden Globes scandal in the 1980s, has died in a Tel Aviv hospital, according to his family. He was 95.
Deadline Hollywood, reported February 10, 2019: Ron Miller Dies: Former Disney CEO & Walt Disney’s Son-In-Law Was 85.
Ron Miller, the USC football star who met his future wife Walt Disney’s daughter Diane on a blind date and later became CEO and president of what is now the The Walt Disney Company, has died at age 85. The Walt Disney Co. confirmed Sunday that he passed away Napa Valley, CA.
Deadline Hollywood, reported January 26, 2019: Michel Legrand Dies: Oscar-Winning Composer Was 86.
Michel Legrand, Oscar-winning film composer and pianist, whose memorable works included the score for the 1960s film The Umbrellas of Cherbourg and the song “The Windmills of Your Mind” from The Thomas Crown Affair, died Saturday at his home in Paris, his publicist told Agence France-Presse. He was 86.
Deadlne Hollywood, reported February 4, 2019: Kristoff St. John Dies: ‘The Young & The Restless’ Actor Was 52.
Kristoff St. John, best known for his role as Neil Winters on CBS’ long-running soap The Young and the Restless, has died. He was 52. The cause of death is not immediately known.
Deadline Hollywood, reported February 8, 2019: Albert Finney Dies: ‘Tom Jones’, ‘Skyfall’ Actor Was 82.
Oscar-nominated actor Albert Finney, one of the great British actors of his generation who made a worldwide name for himself in 1963’s Tom Jones and maintained a strong career through 2012’s Skyfall, died Thursday in London. He was 82.
Deadline Hollywood, reported January 22, 2019: Kaye Ballard Dies: TV, Film & Stage Veteran Who Starred In ‘The Mothers-In-Law’ Was 93.
Kaye Ballard, a comic actress and singer who was a regular presence on TV for decades and starred in the late-’60s NBC comedy The Mothers-in-Law, has died. Palm Springs-area paper The Desert Sun reported that the star also known for The Girl Most Likely and a half-dozen Broadway musicals died Monday at her home in Rancho Mirage.
Deadline Hollywood, reported January 20, 2019: Andy Vajna, Producer Of ‘Rambo’ Films And ‘Terminator 3,’ Dies At 74.
Andy Vajna, a Hungary-born producer known for backing installments of top Hollywood franchises like Rambo and The Terminator before a later stretch working as a government commissioner, has died at age 74

Deadline Hollywood, reported January 19, 2019: Tony Mendez Dies: Subject Of Ben Affleck’s Oscar Winner ‘Argo’ Was 78.
Tony Mendez, the the CIA officer played by Ben Affleck in 2012’s Argo that won the Best Picture Oscar, has died due to complications from Parkinson’s disease in an assisted-living center in Maryland. He was 78.

Deadline Hollywood, reported January 14, 2019: Paul Koslo Dies: Veteran Character Actor Was 74.
Veteran character actor Paul Koslo, known for his work in films such as The Omega Man and Vanishing Point, has died. Koslo died January 9 of pancreatic cancer surrounded by family at his home in Lake Hughes, California, his family said in a statement. He was 74.

Deadline Hollywood, reported January 12, 2019: Jo Andres Dies: ‘Black Kites’ Filmmaker, Wife Of Steve Buscemi Was 64.
Jo Andres, director of the 1996 festival circuit hit Black Kites and wife for 31 years to actor Steve Buscemi, has died. She was 64. (Some reports put Andres’ age at 65).
Deadline Hollywood, reported January 10, 2019: Verna Bloom Dies: ‘Animal House’ Actress Was 80.
Verna Bloom, whose memorable turn as Marion Wormer in the 1979 comedy classic Animal House saw her immortalize cucumber innuendo, has died. She passed Wednesday in Bar Harbor, Maine from dementia complications, according to a family spokesperson.

Deadline Hollywood, reported January 9, 2019: Gregg Rudloff Dies: Three-Time Oscar-Winning Sound Mixer Was 63.
Gregg Rudloff, a three-time Oscar-winning sound mixer and seven-time nominee whose career spanned more than 35 years, has died in Los Angeles. He was 63. The Los Angeles County Coroner’s office is treating his death as a possible suicide.
Rudloff, who was one of the film industry’s most prolific and honored soundmen, won Academy Awards for Mad Max: Fury Road (2015), The Matrix (1999) and Glory (1989). He also was Oscar-nominated four other times — for American Sniper, Argo, Flags of Our Fathers and The Perfect Storm — and won a 1986 Emmy for sound mixing An Early Frost.

Deadline Hollywood, reported January 8, 2019: William Morgan Sheppard Dies: ‘Star Trek’ Actor Was 86.
William Morgan Sheppard, best known for his work in Star Trek: The Next Generation the series and subsequent Star Trek films, died Sunday. He was 86.
Deadline Hollywood, reported January 4, 2019: Al Reinert Dies: Oscar-Nominated ‘Apollo 13’ Screenwriter Was 71.
Al Reinert, who covered NASA for the Houston Chronicle and went on to co-write the screenplay for Apollo 13 which earned him an Oscar nomination, has died. He was 71. Reinert died New Year’s Eve of complications of cancer at his home in Wimberley, Texas, the Houston Chronicle reported.
Deadline Hollywood, reported January 4, 2019: Richard Marks Dies: Four-Time Editing Oscar Nominee Who Worked On ‘Apocalypse Now’ & ‘As Good As It Gets’ Was 75.
Richard Marks, a film editor who scored four Oscar nominations during a prolific 50-year career and earned a Career Achievement Award from the American Cinema Editors, has died at 75. ACE executive director Jenni McCormack confirmed that Marks died December 31 but gave no other details.

Marks earned his Best Film Editing Academy Award noms for Francis Ford Coppola’s seminal Vietnam War film Apocalypse Now (1979) and a trio of pics by James L. Brooks: As Good As It Gets (1997) — which he also co-produced — Broadcast News (1987) and Best Picture Oscar winner Terms of Endearment (1983). He also edited Coppola’s Best Picture winner The Godfather Part II and Brooks’ I’ll Do Anything, How Do You Know and Spanglish, among dozens of other credits.
Deadline Hollywood, reported January 2, 2019: Joe Stapleton Dies: Longtime Boston Traffic Reporter, ‘Spotlight’ Actor Was 55.
Joe Stapleton, a veteran Boston traffic reporter and actor who appeared in several films including Spotlight, Manchester by the Sea and Mystic River among others, has died. Stapleton died suddenly on New Year’s Day, according to WBZ News Radio, where he had worked until his death. He was 55.
Deadline Hollywood, reported January 1, 2019: Kader Khan Dies: Bollywood Actor Was 81.
Veteran Bollywood actor-screenwriter Kader Khan died Monday after a long illness at a hospital in Toronto, Canada, his family confirmed to Indian media outlets. He was 81.

Deadline Hollywood, reported January 15, 2019: Carol Channing Dies: Original Star Of Broadway’s ‘Hello, Dolly!’ Was 97.
Carol Channing, a Broadway legend who was known for her signature lead role in Hello, Dolly! and continued performing well into her 90s, has died of natural causes at her home in Rancho Mirage, CA. She was 97.
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Deadline Hollywood, reported December 31, 2018: Don Lusk Dies: Disney Animator On ‘Fantasia’ & ‘Bambi’ Who Later Worked At Hanna-Barbera Was 105.
Don Lusk, an animator and director who worked on Disney classics including Fantasia, Bambi and Pinocchio before moving to Hanna-Barbera in the 1960s, died Sunday. He was 105. His longtime friend Navah-Paskowitz Asner, announced the news on social media.
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