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2019-07-25 10:04
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Got to delete a comment today

I've found two perks of being a mod of a community.  I can create tags and delete comments.  I've been doing the first for months. I deleted my first comment today.  It was mine and it was a duplicate.  Oh, well.
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2019-07-04 12:07

Max Wright Dies: Father On ’80s Sitcom ‘Alf’ Was 75

Deadline Hollywood, reported June 26, 2019: Max Wright Dies: Father On ’80s Sitcom ‘Alf’ Was 75.
Veteran actor Max Wright, best known as the father in 1980s sitcom ALF, died today after a long cancer battle. He passed away in his Hermosa Beach, Calif. home at age 75.
I tried posting this yesterday, but JournalFen wouldn't allow me an HTML option. Today, it is.
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2018-04-22 14:00

I decided to post in a ghost town

Someone mentioned Aja Romano in Serious Question at Booman Tribune, which reminded me that she used to be a subject of posts at the original version of this site, as well as a likely user (I forget, as it's been so long). That was enough to get me to post here again, other than the one post at [community profile] fandom_wank  more than two years ago. Let's see if anyone even notices. Maybe posting a bunch of old obituaries from Crazy Eddie's Motie News in [community profile] deathwatch  will do the trick. With my luck, it will get me banned for necroposting in more ways than one.