I've found two perks of being a mod of a community.  I can create tags and delete comments.  I've been doing the first for months. I deleted my first comment today.  It was mine and it was a duplicate.  Oh, well.
Deadline Hollywood, reported June 26, 2019: Max Wright Dies: Father On ’80s Sitcom ‘Alf’ Was 75.
Veteran actor Max Wright, best known as the father in 1980s sitcom ALF, died today after a long cancer battle. He passed away in his Hermosa Beach, Calif. home at age 75.
I tried posting this yesterday, but JournalFen wouldn't allow me an HTML option. Today, it is.
Someone mentioned Aja Romano in Serious Question at Booman Tribune, which reminded me that she used to be a subject of posts at the original version of this site, as well as a likely user (I forget, as it's been so long). That was enough to get me to post here again, other than the one post at [community profile] fandom_wank  more than two years ago. Let's see if anyone even notices. Maybe posting a bunch of old obituaries from Crazy Eddie's Motie News in [community profile] deathwatch  will do the trick. With my luck, it will get me banned for necroposting in more ways than one.


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