Deadline Hollywood, reported May 18, 2019: More Than 1 Million Disappointed Fans Sign Petition Demanding ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Remake. In terms of numbers, this has to be the biggest single fan wank I've ever seen. Also, not The Onion.

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io9/Gizmodo: Yes, Lucasfilm Is Developing Something for Knights of the Old Republic.
Knights of the Old Republic is an era and subset of Star Wars that fans have been clamoring to see in live action for a long time. And while that wait will continue, Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy just confirmed that something based on the classic video game is potentially bubbling.

“You know we talk about [Knights of the Old Republic] all the time,” Kennedy told MTV at Star Wars Celebration. “Yes, we are developing something to look at. Right now I have no idea where things fall but we have to be careful that there is a cadence to Star Wars that doesn’t start to feel like too much.”
As I wrote on Facebook yesterday, "This is the kind of good geeky news I've been waiting to read."
Crossposted to [community profile] fandom_lounge  and my Dreamwidth journal, where the video embeds. via Wochit Entertainment: Funimation Celebrates 'Cowboy Bebop' 20th Anniversary.
Anime fans are in for a pleasant surprise! An anniversary edition of 'Cowboy Bebop' is being released. 'Cowboy Bebop' was created in 1998, and set in the year 2071, starring Spike Spiegel on the spaceship Bebop. The series premiered in Japan the same year and was licensed for English by Funimation on Adult Swim. Now from May 15 to June 10 fans can experience a collaboration of Cowboy Bebop with Animate Cafe! Check out the themed names on the menu.


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