Variety, reported March 29, 2019: Agnes Varda, Leading Light of French New Wave, Dies at 90.
Agnes Varda, a leading light of the French New Wave who directed such films as “Cléo From 5 to 7,” “Vagabond” and “Faces Places,” has died. She was 90.
I wrote about "Faces, Places" last year in 'Jane' the best documentary not nominated at the 2018 Oscars for World Wildlife Day at my personal blog.

Deadline Hollywood, reported November 30, 2018: George H.W. Bush Dies: 41st President Of The United States, Former VP & CIA Head Was 94.
Former President George Herbert Walker Bush has died at the age of 94. Bush, also a former CIA director and Vice President, passed Friday at 10:10 P.M. Central time, according to his official spokesperson. He had been in ill health for some time and was confined to a wheelchair.
I wrote about Bush's death and legacy in R.I.P. George H.W. Bush, the last Republican President I voted for at my personal blog.

I'll repeat what I wrote for John McCain: "Yes, I know "politics is not a fandom," but 1) this is from Deadline Hollywood and 2) after four (now seven) months of posting an obituary nearly every day, I have figured out that no one is reading, so I think I can get away with this. If I'm wrong, leave a comment to know that someone actually is paying attention."

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Variety, reported October 26, 2018: RIP ‘American Vandal,’ TV’s Best Depiction of Generation Z.
We may never exactly know why Netflix decided to cancel its Peabody Award winning comedy “American Vandal” after two critically lauded seasons. Without Netflix confirming any solid ratings numbers, it’s impossible to know if enough people watched; the best bet is that Netflix simply didn’t feel like gambling anymore on a show owned by CBS Television Studios instead of one wholly its own. But the truth is that no matter the reasoning was behind the decision, it truly is a shortsighted shame.
"American Vandal" was also nominated for an Emmy, which I wrote about in Crime and punishment a major theme of Limited Series nominees at the Emmy Awards for National Wildlife Day at Crazy Eddie's Motie News.

Reposted from [community profile] deathwatch .
Reposted from [community profile] deathwatch .

CBS Chicago, reported June 29, 2018: Toys R’ Us Bids America A Sad Farewell.
Regardless of age, hearing “Toys R’ Us” brings joyful thoughts for most Americans accustomed to those catchy commercials with the giraffe and kids singing about not wanting to grow up, but staying a “Toys R’ Us” kid forever.

It was the iconic all-American toy store chain that carried troll dolls and Slip-N-Slides in the 90’s and video games and tech toys for kids as times progressed.

But after 70 years, the store rang its final purchase June 29 and closed the doors of all 800 stores for good.
I wrote about the bankruptcy and liquidation at my Blogger blog four times.
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Gizmodo via Wochit News, posted April 14: Radio Personality Art Bell Passes Away at 72.
Art Bell, the pioneering host of 'Coast to Coast AM' radio show, has passed away at the age of 72. The heavily syndicated late-night radio program themed around the paranormal and all manners of wild conspiracy theories. Founded in 1988, the show ran until Bell retired in 2007. According to reports, Bell died at his home in Las Vegas, Nevada this week. No cause of death has been announced, and an autopsy will be done in the upcoming week to learn more.
I posted my thoughts about Bell and his fandom in R.I.P. Art Bell at my Blogspot blog.
Someone mentioned Aja Romano in Serious Question at Booman Tribune, which reminded me that she used to be a subject of posts at the original version of this site, as well as a likely user (I forget, as it's been so long). That was enough to get me to post here again, other than the one post at [community profile] fandom_wank  more than two years ago. Let's see if anyone even notices. Maybe posting a bunch of old obituaries from Crazy Eddie's Motie News in [community profile] deathwatch  will do the trick. With my luck, it will get me banned for necroposting in more ways than one.
Crossposted to [community profile] fandom_wank  and awaiting moderation (approved).

Wochit sets the stage for this wank by professionals in The Force Awakens Receives Late Nomination For Critics' Choice Award For Best Picture.
After an unprecedented vote by members, the Broadcast Film Critics Association had added Star Wars: The Force Awakens to the list of nominees for the 2015 Critics' Choice Award for Best Picture. When Critic's Choice Awards nominations came out last Monday, most of the critics in the association had not seen the latest Star Wars movie, since Disney had refused to release copies for early screenings. However, the strong positive reaction to the film led the BFCA to take a vote on whether it should be allowed in as a late inclusion, and apparently the BFCA voted in the Force Awakens' favor.
The film was absent from the Golden Globes nomination list as well because advance screenings for critics weren't available in time for the nomination deadline. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, who run the "drinky Oscars" didn't accomodate the film, but the Critics' Choice Awards did. Considering that the American Film Institute honored "The Force Awakens" as one of its top ten films of the year and this decision follows the precedent of adding 'Castaway' to the list in 2000, the BFCA probably made the right call.

Not all members of the BFCA agreed as Collider reported in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Critics’ Choice Awards Nomination Sparks Outcry. )


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