CNN, reported September 4, 2019: Fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh has died, age 74.
Esteemed fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh, often credited with the rise of the supermodel, died Tuesday at the age of 74, as announced in a post on his official Instagram account Wednesday.
Deadline Hollywood, reported June 17, 2019: Gloria Vanderbilt Dies: Actress, Fashion Designer, Mother Of CNN’s Anderson Cooper Was 95.
Gloria Vanderbilt, artist, author, actress, fashion designer, heiress and the mother of CNN’s Anderson Cooper, has died. She died Monday morning at her New York City home, surrounded by family and friends, CNN announced. She was 95.
Deadline Hollywood, reported December 31, 2018: Marc Hauser Dies: Celebrity Photographer For John Mellencamp’s ‘Scarecrow’ Was 66.
Marc Hauser, the Chicago celebrity photographer whose work became the cover photo of John Mellencamp’s acclaimed Scarecrow album, has died. He was 66 and passed away from multiple health complications, according to a Facebook post from his studio.
Deadline Hollywood, reported November 18, 2018: Pablo Ferro Dies: Award-Winning Title Designer On ‘A Clockwork Orange’, ‘Dr. Strangelove’ Was 83.
Pablo Ferro, who is known for his distinct title design and work in graphic design, died of complications from pneumonia Friday in Sedona, Arizona. The award-winning designer was 83.

Born on January 15, 1935 in Cuba, Ferro, a self-taught artist became known for eye-catching and stylized title design in film which included iconic films including Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange and Dr. Strangelove as well as others such as Bullitt, Men In Black, and Married to the Mob. During the mid-’50s he worked in animation before working with Disney animator Tytla who would become his mentor. He also worked with the would-be legend Stan Lee on a series of sci-fi and adventure comics.
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NPR, reported September 19, 2018: Architect Robert Venturi Dies At 93.
Last night, Robert Venturi passed away peacefully at home after a brief illness. He's been surrounded by his wife and partner, Denise Scott Brown and his son, Jim Venturi. He was 93.
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Deadline Hollywood, reported July 13, 2018: George Jenson Dies: Oscar-Nominated Art Director & Production Illustrator Was 87.
George Jenson, an Oscar-nominated art director and production illustrator who worked on such films as Return of the Jedi, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Terminator 2: Judgment Day, has died. He was 87. The Art Directors Guild said today that he died May 25 of cancer.

Jenson began his four-decade career as a production illustrator and storyboard artist at 20th Century Fox Studios, working for producer Irwin Allen’s series Lost in Space, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Time Tunnel and Land of the Giants. He then segued to Filmation Associates, where he was a layout artist and illustrator on the TV toons Star Trek: The Animated Series, Lassie’s Rescue Rangers, Mission: Magic! and My Favorite Martians from 1972-75.
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Reposted from [community profile] deathwatch ., reported May 23, 2018: Robert Indiana (1928 – 2018), creator of iconic “LOVE” pop art.
Pop artist Robert Indiana, best known for his 1960s "LOVE" series, has died at his island home off the coast of Maine. He was 89.

Indiana died on Saturday from respiratory failure at his Victorian home in a converted Odd Fellows hall, a fraternal order lodge, where he had lived for years on Vinalhaven Island, said James Brannan, his attorney.
Reposted from [community profile] deathwatch ., reported, May 22, 2018: Bill Gold (1921 – 2018), iconic movie poster artist.

Bill Gold, iconic movie poster artist, has died at the age of 97, according to multiple news sources.

Gold died at his home in Old Greenwich, Connecticut, on Sunday, family spokeswomen Christine Gillow told The Hollywood Reporter.

Gold created thousands of movie posters during a seven decade career.


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