May 2019
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01:02 pm

Larry “Flash” Jenkins Dies: Actor, Director And Producer For Five Decades Was 63

05:15 pm

Jack de Mello Dead: Hawaiian Music Advocate, Animation Composer Was 102

08:08 am

Peter Mayhew Dies: ‘Star Wars’ Chewbacca Actor Was 74

07:18 pm

Jo Sullivan Loesser Dies: Broadway Actress, Promotor Of Frank Loesser Legacy Was 91

03:08 pm

Home Film Obituaries John Singleton Dies: Trailblazing ‘Boyz N The Hood’ Filmmaker Wa

11:11 am

Barbara Perry Dies: ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show’, ‘Baskets’ Actress Was 97

06:35 am

Rachel Held Evans (June 8, 1981-May 4, 2019)

10:57 am

Terry Allen Kramer Dies: Broadway Producer Of ‘Hello, Dolly!’, ‘Kinky Boots’ Was 85

09:50 am

Troy Shafer Dead: ‘Nashville Flipped’ Renovation Star For DIY Network Was 38

04:23 pm

Jim Fowler Dies: ‘Mutual Of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom’ Host Was 87

08:45 pm

Pua Magasiva Dead: Red Ranger On ‘Power Rangers Ninja Storm’ Was 38

06:42 pm

Alvin Sargent Dies: ‘Ordinary People’ & ‘Julia’ Oscar Winner Who Also Penned Three ‘Spider-Man’ Film

11:09 am

Doris Day Dies: Iconic Actress, Singer, Animal Rights Activist Was 97

05:58 pm

Tim Conway Dies: ‘Carol Burnett Show’ & ‘McHale’s Navy’ Standout Was 85

12:15 am

Peggy Lipton Dies: ‘Mod Squad’ And ‘Twin Peaks’ Actress Was 72

07:03 pm

Isaac Kappy Dies: ‘Thor’ And ‘Terminator Salvation’ Actor Was 42

08:51 am

Allene Roberts Dead: Actress In Nicholas Ray’s ‘Knock On Any Door’ Was 90

12:00 am

Internet star Grumpy Cat dead at 7

06:49 pm

Herman Wouk Dies: ‘The Winds Of War’ & ‘The Caine Mutiny’ Author Was 103

06:57 pm

More Than 1 Million Disappointed Fans Sign Petition Demanding ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Remake

10:03 am

Ashley Massaro Dead: ‘Survivor: China’ Contestant And WWE Raw Diva Winner Was 39

04:23 pm

‘Nacho Libre’ Wrestler Dies In The Ring – ‘Silver King’ Was Age 51

09:47 am

Evelyn “Brandy” Foster Dies: Mother And Early Manager Of Jodie Foster Was 90

12:42 am

Jake Black, who co-wrote ‘Sopranos’ theme song, has died

03:25 pm

Machiko Kyo, Japanese Actress, Dies at 95

04:09 pm

‘Whiskey Cavalier’ “Fully And Finally Canceled” After Brief Review By ABC

06:54 pm

Geneviève Waïte Dies: Actress, Singer And Former Model Was 71

05:19 pm

Bart Starr Dies: NFL Quarterback Legend And Actor Was 85

10:04 am

Bill Buckner Dies: Ex-MLB Star Who Rectified Infamous World Series Error On ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ W

10:50 am

Lee Hale Dies: ‘Dean Martin Show’ And ‘The Golddiggers” Music Director Was 96

10:02 am

Carmine Caridi Dies: Actor in ‘The Godfather’ Sequels And Expelled Academy Member Was 85

05:02 pm

Leon Redbone Dies: Early ‘SNL’ Musical Favorite Was 69



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