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From Business Insider via Wochit Entertainment, posted April 17th: Wrestling Legend Bruno Sammartino Dies At Age 82.
Wrestling legend Bruno Sammartino has died at the age of 82, WWE confirmed Wednesday. Sammartino was one of the greatest athletes to ever take the ring and a central figure in the rise of wrestling in America. He was known as "The Living Legend" and was a two-time WWWF champion - a predecessor to today’s WWE. He held the top championship in the company for over 11 years. His first reign of 2,803 days remains the longest in the history of WWE. Sammartino played the hero and battled against many of the greatest heels of his era, including Gorilla Monsoon and George "The Animal" Steele. He was the headliner at the first wrestling event held at Madison Square Garden in 1968, and went on to sell out the venue an astonishing 187 times over the course of his career. After his career as a wrestler, Sammartino remained close with the WWE, serving as a commentator and mentor, before his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013.
I tried embedding a video. It didn't work. Darn.
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