JournalFen's First Dreamwidth Installation

What is JournalFen's First Dreamwidth Installation?

This is the JournalFen temporary playground to use while waiting for the migration from the old, broken LJ codebase to a shiny new Dreamwidth codebase.

If you just happened to find us here, beware that this is still under construction and your JF content is not yet here. We're also not ready yet to open up for new accounts. Stay tuned, though. More functions are coming online here all the time. If you want to use your account here on our temporary playground, you'll need to use the lost info function to get your password reset. You'll also need to confirm your email address again. If you have trouble with those basics, find me at the system journal or guineapig, and let me know what you need.

Getting Started

Create A Journal
Come and create your very own JournalFen!
Update Journal
Update your JournalFen from the web.
Select Style
Customize your JournalFen's appearance and options.

Other Options

Edit Profile
Edit your personal information and preferences.
Edit Journal Entries
Edit or delete journal entries you've made in the past.
Edit Circle
Edit your list of people to track from your JournalFen reading page.

Tech Support & Documentation

Mail the support team and get a quick answer to your question.